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Virtual Placement

Quảng cáo ảo là tính năng đặt các panel, các đối tượng 3D vào trong video đã hoàn thành, hoặc thay thế các panel đã có bằng panel mới. Tín hiệu đưa vào và xuất ra tức thì, thích hợp làm các chương trình trực tiếp thể thao như: bóng đá, bóng chuyền, bóng bàn, đua xe,...

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As a producer, you’re driven to create moments within a live broadcast that not only grabs your viewer’s attention, but also enriches the acute nature of visual storytelling.

While some have regarded the placement of virtual graphics within live video to be a “complex art”, made possible only by expensive specialist cameras, ChyronHego has taken a decidedly different approach.

ChyronHego product designers created a solution that is easy to learn and doesn’t require any specialist camera encoders or lengthy calibration processes, so you can get your sponsor’s content on-air quickly and without error. The system can be used in virtually any live broadcast scenario from augmenting physical studio-sets with virtual objects, to much larger scenes such as sports arenas, race-tracks or landscapes.

New! Scene Tracking – The latest version of Virtual Placement includes Scene Tracking, ChyronHego’s latest method of optical tracking. Scene Tracking is unique as it’s able to gather metrics without using pitch lines or sensors.

With Virtual Placement’s Scene Tracking, a panoramic image is created such that the system can “learn” what the world it is viewing looks like.

The aim throughout is simple: to place virtual elements into a live scene to make them look physically real and in harmony with the environment they are projected into, with the potential benefit of additional advertising placement revenue.




Multi-Format Output

A single system can now output 4K and HD in parallel providing greater flexibility and lower total cost.


Multi-Output Mode

With just a single input source, Virtual Placement can now output multiple feeds with different graphics on each channel. This opens up the possibility for regionalized content and advertisements from a single system.


Multiple Real-Time Camera-Tracking Engines

Low latency with only 3 frames from live video input to virtual graphics placement output.


Open To A Wide Variety Of Content

Place static graphics, animations and live graphics or video feeds into a scene.


Downstream Pitch Tracking Workflow

The new downstream pitch tracking workflow provides additional flexibility for any kind of production.


Quick Set-Up And Easy To Use

No need for camera encoder hardware or long and complex calibration processes. It just works.


A Versatile Solution For Any Production

Can be used on OBs, either upstream or downstream.


Cost-Effective Modular Structure

Choose the modules that best suit your production needs.

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